Upcoming Projects

Stray Animal Welfare: We have connected with a local NGO to sterilize and vaccinate stray dogs and cats of and around Gokarna. To accomplish this, we will collect the local animals and take them to a veterinarian in Goa, the state north of Karnataka, and bring them back to their home location. The whole process takes 1000 rupees per animal. The benefit of this project is to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats, who suffer without a constant source of food, and carry disease and pollute public spaces.

Waste Management: We would like to host educational meetings for all people to learn how to segregate and manage their waste in order to reduce the waste pollution in Gokarna and the surrounding villages. We’d also like to introduce education programs into schools and work with the local people to be proactive in cleaning up their community.

Women’s Cooperative and Empowerment Programs: We are working towards hosting workshops, support groups, and opportunities for employment for local women. Creating a safe space to strengthen women’s voices within the community and earn an income to support themselves and their family.  

Camps for Groups: Shankar Prasad welcomes groups of all types to share time at our peaceful place. We have the capacity for small and large group retreats for people of all ages and interests. 

Bio Swimming Pool: We plan to build an organic self-maintained swimming pool in the back of our property to be used for relaxation and therapy.

*All projects welcome short and long-term volunteers!