Meditations from the Tantras

Pratyahara practices (5 day courses)

YOGA NIDRA – (Psychic Sleep Meditation) – the hallmark of Satyananda Bihar School of Yoga and the most popular and enjoyable meditation. It is a lying down relaxation meditation which systematically takes you from the world of outer sounds step by step through body, breath and mind to your deep subconscious to release negativity, tap into creativity and positivity and explore your deeper consciousness, connecting to your Higher Consciousness.

ADVANCED YOGA NIDRA – (the most popular meditations) – 5 or more advanced versions including Creative Visualization, Chakra Visualization, Healing Visualization, Conquering Your Fears and Phobias, Exploring Inner and Outer Space, Peeling the Onion (examining your life roles), Forgiveness, Creating Your Future, and others.

MEDITATION MEDLEY – How to sit comfortably and still, how to begin meditating, how to focus the wandering mind, how to deal with pain, how to go deeper into your present meditation practice, connect with your Higher Consciousness.

AJAPA JAPA – Meditation on the breath with universal or personal mantra, to calm, focus and purify the mind, taking it deeper and connecting with the rhythms of nature and with your Higher Consciousness. The breath is a constant companion and faithful friend.

ANTAR MOUNA MEDITATION – Witness your senses, your thoughts and emotions thus being able to stand back and control the mind by turning to positivity and transcend the mind to experience and rest in that deepest inner, silent, empty space of energy and consciousness, the AntarMouna.

CHIDAKASH DHARANA – ART MEDITATION – Exploring and experiencing the inner mind screen of our consciousness and actualizing it through artistic expression.

TRATAK – If you can’t keep your eyes closed, ope­­­­­­n them to gaze at a candle flame, sunrise/sunset etc to focus, purify and energize and connect to the Cosmic Consciousness through seeing and breathing. Good for restless minds, children’s concentration, good sleep, psychic development and artistic minds.

CHAKRA SHUDDHI – Purify, balance and energize your chakras (energy centres) through breathing, visualization and mantra. A complete practice which also prepares for Kriya Yoga and safe Kundalini awakening.

SWAN MEDITATION – Devised by Swami Niranjanji to objectively view your personality, its Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions and Needs. A powerful practice to overcome confusion, find your focus, and create and actualize your future.

OM CHANTING – Explore the varieties of Om Chanting within the dynamic vibrations of a group setting, experiencing the ‘Yoga’, or union; many chanting as one.


MANTRA MEDITATIONS – Experiencing Mantra chanting as Vaikhari (aloud), Manasic (mentally), and Upanshu (silently) through Likhit Jap (writing and drawing mantras), Chankramanam (walking) and finding the best way to benefit from mantras and their associated Yantras (geometric shapes of power).