Organic Farm

Shankar Prasad ashram is located on 2½ acres of coconut grove and rice paddy field, where we also produce large crops of groundnuts (peanuts). We grow many different types of fruit and vegetables, including pineapple, papaya, bananas, mango, starfruit, radish, and spinach. We are 100% organic, don’t use any pesticides, and make our own fertilizer and compost. 

We are always looking for ways to expand and diversify our agricultural work and happily accept long-term volunteers who are interested in working alongside our two farmers to care for the land and add more crop options. 

We eat our own rice, which still has it husk intact, so it is highly nutritious and fibrous. We also sell our coconuts locally to make oil. We are exploring ways to systematize production, package, and market our delicious energy balls, “ludu,” that we make from our organic peanuts and coconuts. Come for a visit and ask for a taste!

Living in the sandy soil of the beach tropics, growing vegetables and fruit can be a challenge. After a lot of hard work from our staff and volunteers, we’ve developed a system for organic agriculture. We currently need volunteers to help us develop our fruit trees and vegetables (peanuts, rice, mangoes, chikko, papaya, banana, coconut.. etc.) We welcome and encourage volunteers who have knowledge (or like to do some research while they are here) on methods to compliment our existing system (like worm compost!). 

*Long term volunteer needed to help manage this project, contact us for more information.