Muddu - Children's Play School

In June 2013, we opened the Muddu Play School for local children aged 2.5 to 5 years. It is a dual-language program (Kannada, the local language of the state of Karnataka, and English), open to all, regardless of caste, social position or income. We provide scholarships for children whose parents cannot afford to contribute towards tuition, funded by the dakshina of donors locally and abroad.

We have built a beautiful building for the school, and have made as well as received donations of toys, puzzles, and materials for play-based learning. We have also built a natural adventure playground for the little kids with tires, logs, sand pit, turtle and fish pond.

The Muddu School provides the opportunity for local children to receive the benefits of a diversified curriculum that expands upon the traditional Indian education protocol. We work to incorporate self-directed activities and play-time, sing English, Kannada, and Sanskrit chants and songs, and spend time enjoying nature and animals on our 2½ acre farm.