Indian Spirituality

Short & long term courses & guidance on related sadhanas

INTRODUCTORY SANSKRIT: script, pronunciation, meanings, history, chanting.

INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN SPIRITUALITY: ancient Indian techniques, to spiritualize our modern lives.

MODERN SPIRITUALITY: how to spiritualize our modern daily lives in experiential & non-sectarian ways.

INTRODUCTION TO PATANJALI YOGA: practical application of ancient science in our modern lifestyle. Includes personality development through ancient psychological techniques.

BHAGAVAD GITA-INTRODUCTION: includes philosophy, practical yogas, meditations, chanting with correct pronunciation.

THE POWER OF CHANTING: chanting and singing Sanskrit mantras (words of power), slokas and spiritual songs and chants from other traditions.

BHAJAN, KIRTAN & SLOKA: singing and chanting in a group to channelize the force of our emotions towards peace and up-liftment. Harmonium also introduced.

ASHRAM LIFE EXPERIENCE: experience and live the discipline, support, simplicity and joy of spiritual community living; helping yourself and others. “Find your Higher Self by losing your little self in the service of others.”