Daily Schedule

5:30 am:  Rise and Shine Bell with a smile to the day ahead.

5:45 am: Chanting and Meditation.

6:45 am: Free Asana class (Mon-Fri)/Personal Sadhana

8:00 am: Prepare breakfast / Bathing.

8:30 am: Breakfast & Clean up.

9:00 am: Cleaning duties and Karma Yoga

11:00 am: Class / Karma yoga /Personal Sadhana

12:50 pm: Chanting before lunch with the staff.

1:00 pm: Lunch & Clean up followed by Rest

2:30 pm: Class/ Personal Sadhana /Karma Yoga

4:00 pm: Personal Sadhana/ Free time/ Karma Yoga/ Outing

7:00 pm: Dinner & Clear up

7:45 pm: Bell – prepare for chanting

8:00 pm: Chanting, Meditation / Satsang

9:00 pm: Personal Sadhana/ Gratitude for your day/ Sweet dreams

* Please maintain silence after evening chanting until after breakfast the next day and in sleeping rooms at all times.


** Sadhana = Spiritual practice or study

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