Yoga Nidra Foundation

Yoga Nidra Foundation Course Covers

  • Grounding to let go and feel secure
  • How to relax the body and the mind
  • Use of listening to switch off the mind
  • Experience of opposites for equipoise
  • Breath focus for letting go and going deep within
  • Visualization for mind control and uplifting your moods
  • Body scan for sensitizing awareness, energizing and healing
  • Sankalpa – positive intention for achieving our life’s aspirations
  • Ishta Devata – spiritual symbol for connecting to our Higher Self
  • Chidakash – inner mind screen – exploring the mysterious subconscious
  • How to get good sleep with Yoga Nidra; How to stay awake in the Yoga
  • Knowledgeable theory; easy, systematic practice; answers to all your
  • 7 ½ hours over 5 sessions of deep Relaxation Meditation, Psychic
    Sleep, Yogic Dreaming

YOGA NIDRA FOUNDATION COURSE Description (7 ½ hours over 5 sessions) In the Yoga Nidra Foundation course, we learn about the importance of awareness and how to take it step by step from the outer world of sounds and activities, through the body and then the mind, to the subconscious. We learn how to switch off and focus or harness the mind by doing body scan in several different ways. We experience the marvelous effects of focusing on the breath and different ways of doing this and how to use the breath to go deep within, to relax, release stress and refresh ourselves. We learn how to stay awake as we make the inner journey to the dream world that is usually only experienced in deep sleep. In the deep subconscious, we explore and become familiar with our chidakash, the inner mind screen. We learn how to make and use a Sankalpa or positive intention and how powerful it is in achieving our life’s aspirations. We learn all about visualization and how and what to visualize and also experience the other inner senses. We learn about the benefits and experience opposite sensations. We learn about the power of the Ishta Devata, our favourite form or symbol of the Higher Consciousness and how to recognize it and use it to connect our Higher Self. We learn how to use Yoga Nidra to get good sleep, to release stress & anxiety, to boost the immune system for self- healing, for improving concentration & memory, for tapping into creative ideas and solutions to problems, for deepening our spiritual awareness. We have the opportunity to interact with a highly experienced, sannyasin Yoga Nidra teacher and get answers to all our questions.

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