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Life at Shankar Prasad

We are aiming for sustainable living (learn how to live simply), agriculture (organic and eco-friendly) and housing. Strictly no poisons or artificial fertilizers. We are aiming for 100% self-generated power eg, solar, wind, gobar, Bengal boiler water heating, solar lights, and chargers. This little piece of paradise is a relaxing and beautiful place to do your own sadhana (spiritual practices) and live in a community of people who are dedicated to living a simple life of service. “Simple living and high thinking”.

Stay as guest

Guests are welcome to stay and participate in the ashram free activities. All guests are required to help with the daily cleaning and especially cleaning up after every meal. Room and board are all-inclusive. You are expected to do 1 hour of Karma Yoga per day.

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If you would like to study and be part of one of our projects, you can join us and do some partial Karma Yogi. You can take up any project that is happening at the Ashram based on your skills and can help us to complete it. We require a minimum of 15 days stay. You are expected to do 3 hours of Karma Yoga per day.

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We are a small community living and progressing together in our spiritual pursuits. We are open to people who are interested in staying at the ashram long-term, ready to serve in office/administration management, organic farm management, heading community projects (dog sterilization, waste management, women empowerment etc), or serving wherever is needed. All ages are welcome. Preference will be held to those who will stay 3 months or more with a minimum of 1 month stay. You are expected to do 6-7 hours of Karma Yoga per day.

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We have had several retreats here at Shankar Prasad, and open our space for short and long-term retreat packages to groups interested in expanding their knowledge of yoga meditation techniques. We can tailor make course offerings based on your personal or group needs and interests. We also offer a special 5-days partial seva (selfless service) Yoga Nidra course retreats that allow students the opportunity to learn the invaluable technique of psychic sleep meditation and to participate in ashram life by practicing a few hours of karma yoga daily. Karma yoga jobs include basic housekeeping, vegetable prep, and simple help with crop processing.

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Yoga Therapy

We offer private holistic therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. The focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit trough a broad range of therapeutic techniques, incorporating elements from both physical therapy and psychotherapy. It required a mininum of 7 days stay.

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