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Full 3 week retreat

Shakti Shanti Retreat


Having a lot of questions, failures and confusions in life is alright. But not letting go of your inner spirit is what matters. Finding the things you love, having a beautiful connection with yourself and having a personal development is what one should gain in life. We are offering you a full 3 week program which will help you refresh, experience, discover, and know your next goal in life. From a relaxing meditation to exploring your subconscious will guide you through the journey. \n\nThe 3 week schedule consist of -\n - * Yoga Nidra - A systematic practise of shifting focus from the outside to the inside. That results in a profound sleep state in which our senses, intellect, and mind rest.\n - * Swan Meditation - An acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and needs. The program enables us to maintain constant awareness of the most relevant variables in our life.\n - * Kaya Sthairyam - It is a fundamental exercise of focusing on physical stability. Because the body and mind are inextricably linked, when the body becomes stable and still, the mind follows suit. \n - * Chakra Sadhana and Shuddhi - A focused spiritual practise that strives for both internal and external purity and harmony. This is an excellent method for exploring the deepest depths of your spirit\n - * Nada Yoga - The yoga of sound as a means of connecting with your inner self.\n and regular spiritual practises!\n\n Come get involved, indulge and find your positive core.

Course details

Course Date 8th - 26th November, 2021
Time Full day at Ashram
Duration 3 Weeks
Level Open for all
Price INR 41500 | $750
INR 33200 | $600 [Early Bird Discount]