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Yoga Nidra for Pain Management

Meditation from Tantras


Yoga Nidra for Pain Management is a new course that we have been designing for people who are suffering from pain, physical, mental and emotional. Yoga Nidra is a wonderful relaxation meditation and is especially suitable to give us relief and energy, and to disengage from pain and overcome suffering. \n\n In Yoga Nidra we train the mind to go around the different parts of the body, and wherever the mind goes, the pranic life force energy goes and the movement of prana releases energy blockages which create the pain. This is a great release of pain and balm to the nerves that carry the message of pain to the brain and to the receptors in the brain that register the pain signals. This also enhances and strengthens the nerves. \n\n Yoga Nidra includes focusing on the breath, which clears energy blockages in the chakras, resulting in increased energy flow for healing and energizing. Focusing on the breath also distracts and disengages the mind from pain, because pain is felt in the nerves and in the brain, and when you do the yoga nidra you train your mind to switch off from the senses and thoughts thereby learning how to switch off from pain which gives you a huge relief. When you get even a little respite from pain, you feel so relaxed, relieved and energised that you get increased strength and forbearance to deal with your pain and a greater perspective to accept and thus release your pain. \n\n Yoga nidra is one of the first things that helps us with chronic pain. Of course tablets are good for acute pain, but for chronic pain, for chronic ailments yoga nidra is marvellous. Visualization in yoga nidra is a panacea because when you visualize you completely forget everything else, and when you come back you feel refreshed like you’ve been on lovely holiday, to come back and face life in a different, better way. You get a different perspective in life and you realize that life is really good. Along with Yoga Nidra we will do a few very simple joint loosening movements to lubricate, loosen and release crystalised toxins from the joints. These also release blockages and stiffnesses and get the prana moving and blood circulation which also relieves pain. We will do a little pranayama which is really good for increasing energy and for toning up the nerves and muscles which improves general health, which in turn reduces pain. All these easy practices will help you overcome and manage pain, so that you can live a happier more fulfilling life. This Yoga Nidra for Pain Management course is suitable for beginners and all kinds of stress, anxiety and therapy, including high blood pressure, heart problems, arthritis, back pain, cancer, parkinsons, any kind or muscle and nerve problems and psychosomatic problems and chronic pain. It is also suitable for mental and emotional pain such as trauma along with a follow up Advanced Course. Do join us online or in the ashram for this unique course of 5 sessions of 2 hours each.

Course details

Course Date Coming Soon
Time Each session is 90 mins
Duration 5 days
Level Intermediate
Price INR 3600 | $120

"Yoga Nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. In this lies the secret of self healing. Yoga Nidra is a pratyahara technique in which the distraction of the mind is contained and the mind is relaxed"