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Yoga Nidra Advance Course

Meditation from Tantras


In the Yoga Nidra Foundation Course, we learn how to access our subconscious mind, how to go to the dream state level of mind while still staying awake and aware, so that we can explore and experience that amazing inner universe which is as vast as the outer one. So once we get to the deep subconscious realms, what do we do there? We do Advanced Yoga Nidra!\n\n \bThis course is not for beginners.\/b\n\n It is for those who are very familiar with the practice of Yoga Nidra as taught in a 5 sessions course by a Satyananda Bihar Yoga trained teacher. Advanced Yoga Nidra consists of 12 sessions, weekly 2 classes, Monday & Thursday - total 6 weeks. The gap between sessions allows for self practice , and for the depth of each session to be absorbed.\n\n Each session is designed carefully, with selected Higher practices that you can do with the expert knowledge, guidance, and protection of Swami Yogaratna who has been through the experiences and now shares them with us. Swamiji will lead us through the portals of the subconscious with her loving care. Each session of 2 hours includes theory, interaction, practice, questions and a recording of the session will be sent to you for personal use only, that will help you do your own further work/practice and if a session is unavoidably missed for a limited period.\n\n \fTwelve higher practices:\/f 1. Creative Visualization – Setting the Scene (Compulsory to attend before any others; recording available)\n\n
 2. Exploring Inside the Body (plus Pancha Koshas)\n\n
 3. Healing Visualization\n\n
 4. Chakra Visualization\n\n
 5. The Balance of Life (Pratipaksha Bhawana)\n\n
 6. Awakening Positivity & Gratitude\n\n
 7. Inner Space / Outer Space\n\n
 8. Forgiveness\n\n
 9. Overcoming Grief (the death of a dear one)\n\n
 10. The Theatre of Life (Peeling the Onion)\n\n
 11. Facing your Fears and Phobias\n\n
 12. Creating Your Future

Course details

Course Date Coming Soon!
Time Each session is 90 mins
Duration 6 weeks
Level Advance
Price INR 12000 | $250

"The sky’s the limit to what we can do in our inner world."