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Yoga Nidra as Preparation for Conscious Dying

Yoga Nidra


We're all going to die one day! But are we ready to die? Can we die at peace with ourselves and the world around? Do we want to die consciously and without suffering? Or do we want to die when we're sleeping? Can we choose how we're going to die? What should we do to prepare for death? A dying without regrets, without suffering, without unfinished business? Can we die consciously, with awareness, gratitude, even joy? How to make it easier for those around us when we go? What happens when we die, when we leave the body? Is there life after death? Is there rebirth? How can I help others, my dear ones, have an easier death? How to cope with grief and the loss of a dear one?\n\n All these questions will be discussed and answered. We will have processes to prepare for death and get ready for learning how to let go, at the same time to live as fully as we can, so that we are ready and happy to go to the next level of consciousness; to make our going a beautiful, or at least an easier event for ourselves and those around us.\n\n We will practice the experience of the process of dying: what to expect when the soul leaves the body and goes through subtle levels to it's original 'home'.\n\n This workshop/course is good for those who are dying, for those helping others to die, for those who are grieving someone who died, and for those who want to prepare for a conscious death. /n/n To be eligible for this advanced Yoga Nidra course you need at least a 5 session yoga nidra course with a Satyananda trained teacher and can practice by yourself without a recording.\n\n Yoga Nidra as Preparation for Conscious Dying will consist of 5 sessions of 2 hours each, practicing the different stages of dying along with processes to prepare for each stage which will include discussion and required homework to prepare. It will be a soul searching and even joyful, liberating experience, such as the ancient sanskrit verse tells us: "Let me attain liberation (leave the body) as easily as a ripe cucumber drops from the vine." \n\n Online and offline mode\n Price for the course does not include residency. \n Please contact for more information \n Tel: +91 809 532 9129, +91 9606677446\n

Course details

Course Date 22/01/2023 - 26/01/2023
Time 4 - 6 pm
Duration 5 days
Level Beginner
Price INR 11000 | $245
INR 8800 | $196 [Early Bird Discount]