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Meditation Medley

Meditation from Tantras


Meditation Medley is an opportunity that Swami Yogaratna Saraswati, with her vast experience and knowledge, will give you to experience different kinds of meditations to see which ones suit your mental make-up, your personality and purpose best, and how to use daily activities as meditations to relax and enjoy life more. \n\nYou will learn how to sit comfortably, how to focus your mind and what to concentrate on, and how to deal with distractions and distracting thoughts. You will experience our much loved Yoga Nidra (relaxation meditation) with a few extras for those who already know it. If you are already meditating, this course will give you some tips to help overcome any problems you may be having like a wandering mind, or pain or restlessness in the body, or sleepiness, procrastination, laziness and others. By refreshing your present practice you will experience new realisations and depths of your mind.\n\n You will experience Ajapa Japa, meditation on the breath, mantra meditation, Chakra Shuddhi, chanting meditation, Chankramanam, walking meditation, eating meditation, meditation on the senses, Nada Yoga, open eye meditations like Tratak candle light meditation and Surya sunset and sunrise meditation. You will learn meditation for clearing the mind before sleep to get good sleep, and meditation to set your mind on a positive track for the new day and for self-healing. You will learn how to be a witness to your thoughts and emotions and detach from anxieties and worries, and experience your Higher Self.\n\n Each class will consist of practice and theory of Yoga Nidra and sitting Meditations from the Tantras. There will be extra sessions for sunset and sunrise meditation, and mantra chanting and use of meditation in daily life experiences and satsangs. You will find out how to use meditation to relax, to release tensions and anxieties, how to heal yourself, to achieve your goals and how to be positive, prosperous and happy.

Course details

Course Date Coming Soon!
Time Each session is 90 mins
Duration 5 days
Level Beginner
Price INR 3600 | $120

"Find out when and where to do your meditation practice, how to set up your routine and place of meditation"