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Chakra Sadhana

Shakti Shanti Retreat


In the Chakra Sadhana course of 5 days we will be exploring the chakras. We will see the symbolic representation of the chakras, we will see the location of the chakras, we will get to know all their qualities, elements, jnana indriyas and karma indriyas which are sense organs and organs of actions. We will learn how to cleanse, balance, and activate them in preparation for Kundalini awakening. As a preparation we will learn about pancha koshas and a little about pancha mahabhutas. We will be doing very deep yet simple asanas, pranayamas, mudras and bandhas to cleanse balance and activate each chakra. \n\n Course Starts from 20/12/2021 until 24/12/2021. No sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Course details

Course Date 20th - 24th December, 2021 | Monday - Friday
Time 5:30 pm - 7 pm IST (Mon-Fri)
Duration 5 sessions, 1 hrs 30 mins each
Level Open for all
Price INR 5000 | $75
INR 4000 | $60 [Early Bird Discount]

"A deeper understanding of the nature and function of the chakras."