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Antar Mouna

Meditation from Tantras


Antar Mouna Meditation is one of the most useful meditations in daily life and to deepen your practice if you are already meditating. In Antar Mouna, we learn how to witness ourselves experiencing the senses, in preparation to learn how to observe the thoughts and emotions. Once you realize that the sounds, sensations, thoughts and emotions keep changing, you can withdraw from them through Antar Mouna practice. We can go much deeper and reach higher level of our consciousness, beyond and behind all thoughts and mental manifestations, to the core of our being. The Antar Mouna is a space of deep silence and peace where we find and rest in our Self.

Course details

Course Date 12th August - 14th August
Time 8:00 pm IST
Duration 3 days, 1 Hr 30 mins each session
Level Beginner
Price INR 2500 | $130

"Inner Silence – Witnessing the Mind"