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Meditation from Tantras

Come and experience your Self

Pratyahara practices (5 day courses)\n\nFeaturing fundamental pratyahara (sensory withdrawal) practices such as Antar Mouna and introductions to other meditation techniques such as Yoga Nidra, Ajapa japa, Trataka and the different forms of mantra practice, all classes will give you an insigt and foundation for all advanced meditation practices.\n\nThe course will consist of theory, practice and questions. Each day will build on the previous day’s practice. Scroll below for payment details and the link to the course enrollment form to be filled & sent before the course starts with transaction detail.


Yoga Nidra Advance Course
Coming Soon! | Each session is 90 mins
Coming Soon! | Each session is 60 mins
Antar Mouna
12th August - 14th August | 8:00 pm IST
20/05/2021 | 14.30hrs
Meditation Medley
Coming Soon! | Each session is 90 mins
Yoga Nidra for Pain Management
Coming Soon | Each session is 90 mins
Yoga Nidra Foundation Course
20/03/2022 | 16:00
Nidra Yoga therapy
03/04/2022 | 5 days