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Shakti Shanti Retreat

Come and experience your Self

The magic of soul does not dwell in the outside world; instead, turn inward and discover the marvellous universe that exists within you. Join us in our dreamland to rediscover your positive core and explore your subconscious! On all weekdays, we will offer full-day programmes that will include regular chanting, karma yoga, asana, pranayama, and cleansing kriyas! Our programme can help you start a daily habit for health and vitality, or it can help you deepen your current practise. Each morning flow will energise you for the rest of the day, while the afternoon meditation will help you reconnect with yourself, kicking off a change toward integration and happiness. \n Keeping the covid-19 concerns in mind, we developed it in two forms: you can travel to the ashram and enjoy it in person, or you can sit comfortably at home and attend them online! \n So, mark your calendars for November 8th - November 27th,  three-week programme.


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