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Stay at Shankar Prasad Ashram

"Live a Yogic Life"

Come, stay with us and choose which option you want to follow at Shankar Prasad. We are offerings differents type of rooms. All rates are per day and include all wholesome vegetarian meals & beverages, morning & evening mantra meditation sessions, sunrise and sunset meditations, and other free activities.


Hot water
All activities

Code of Conduct

  • Please treat all other residents and staff with compassion and respect.
  • Please participate fully in the daily schedule.
  • Please inform us each time you leave the campus, where you are going and when you plan to return for your own safety, in case we need to find you or if we need something from outside. Please return 7:00 pm if you having dinner and by 8:00 pm if not.
  • Please do not take anything that does not belong to you without first asking and put things back in their proper place.
  • To maximize sadhana time, we request that no drinks, internet or reading is done during sadhana time from 05:45 to 08:30 and 19:45 to 21:30.
  • Please do not try to talk to people who are observing mouna.

Karma yoga

  • Please ensure that you are aware of your karma jobs for the day and complete them with a loving heart, in silence.
  • Please be proactive in helping each other get chores done and keeping the space in order. When your assigned Karma yoga is complete, inquire where else you can assist.
  • Please enjoy your food fully, in silence. Try your karma yoga (work) in silence. Notice the difference.
  • Please be proactive in helping each other get chores done and keeping the space in order (which includes clearing up after all meals.)


  • Please ask before taking any food from kitchen cupboards and fridge. If you want to have your own supply, you can store in bags in the dining room and put your name on it.
  • Please help keep the kitchen and dining room tidy after all meals.
  • If you notice things running low, please inform ASAP so we can put it on the shopping list.
  • Please inform the kitchen staff if you plan to miss any meals so that we prepare properly and avoid wasting food.
  • Please conserve water. If water runs out, please inform ASAP. DO NOT SWITCH ON THE PUMP YOURSELF.


  • Please keep your room and the house clean and tidy. Pick up and wash after yourself.
  • Please clean and look after things, they also have divine energy. Please report any breakages.
  • Please respect and take good care of any books or literature you are loaned and replace in the library.
  • Please remove your shoes before entering the house or wash your feet outside if you go barefoot. Clean feet only indoors.
  • Please keep the outside doors closed to keep mosquitoes, bugs, and dogs out.
  • Please turn off all lights and fans if you are the last person leaving a room.
  • Absolutely no smoking, alcohol, or intoxicants allowed inside or near the campus.
  • Please keep your use of internet and mobile to a minimum, 15 mins per day or 2 hours once a week. If you need to work thru the internet, please discuss with Swamiji. We also invite you to surrender your internet device for safe keeping so that you can have a break from the internet's temptations.

Dress Code

If you are going out to the village or to town, it is important to remember that you are representing our ashram and to dress and behave in a modest and conservative way
Guests are required to dress conservatively. We are an ashram and live in a small, culturally conservative village and it is important to respect the cultural values of the area.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing during your stay. Tight and revealing clothing are not allowed. Please cover your upper arms, chest, and knees. Men must wear shirts at all times. Indian kurta with pajama pants are best for both men and women and can be made here inexpensively.


Please note that this is a spiritual center. Silence is required starting after dinner until after breakfast the next day. This time can be taken for your own meditation or other practices.
Please maintain silence in sleeping rooms at all times, this is a space for self-reflection and peace.
If you would like to observe full day(s) mouna(silence) or fasting, please see Swamiji for guidance beforehand.

Daily Schedule

To be update soon


All are encouraged to join our free regular activities:

Daily Activities

  • MON - SUN 6:00 am Mantra chanting meditation
  • MON - FRI 7:00 am Asana & Pranayama (upon request)
  • MON - SUN 8:00 am Chanting and short meditations

Our weekly activities :


  • 8:00 pm - Ashram code of conduct
  • 9:00 pm - Volunteers Karma Yoga Meeting to allot seva


  • 6:30 am - Shatkarmas (cleansing practices - upper stomach, nasal and intestinal washes) (Rs. 600/- in house and Rs. 1200-/ online)
  • 7:00 pm - Special Chanting
  • 9:00 pm - Movie night or Kirtan (optional)


  • 8:00 pm IST - Vichaar Vimarch at (online link available)


  • 4:30 pm - Market Day - time for shopping, swimming and exploring
  • Dinner in town is optional. Please inform us if you are not eating at the ashram.


  • 11:30 am - Free Introductory Class to Satyananda Yoga Meditation courses


  • Om beach swimming and putting up posters. Enjoy breakfast in Gokarna & surrounding beaches (at your own cost)
  • 5:15 pm - Havan (Sacred Fire Ceremony for cleansing & energising), followed by Prasad (Holy Food)
  • 7:45 pm - Cultural programs or Kirtan may follow havan, depending on participants


  • 5.30 am Sunrise Meditation
  • Day off, for volunteers who have been with us for over one week
  • Residents can cook or eat out ( with prior arrangments)
  • New volunteers, please help out.


Internet is available. Please be mindful we have a limited download amount every month that is also used by the office. Once this amount has been reached, the download speed will be extremely slow. If you need the internet for your work or are requiring large usage, please ask Shyam/Jaanvi. We can organise it with extra charges for guests.

Washing Machine is available for Rs. 70/ per load. Please do not touch the machine and ask Geeta or Ratna if you wish to use.

Hot Water is available for bathing at common bathroom. Ask Shyam/Ratna for instructions. Swami Sivananda reminds us that luxuries make a man weak.


Guided audio meditations by Swamiji are available on CD for Rs.200 or downloadable for Rs.100. Please see the list of available meditations on the bulletin board. If you wish to record any sessions, please ask permission.

Sessions by other teachers are occassionally available. If you would like to offer classes, treatments, healing, massages etc, please discuss it with Swamiji/Management.

Maps of Gokarna and surroundings are available at Rs.25

Bicycles are available for Rs.10/ per hour or Rs.50/ per day. Please ask Shyam/Jaanvi. Check the day before that it is in good condition.

Special Classes

Upon request, special individual classes, spiritual, therapy and couselling are available. Swamiji does her best to accommodate everyone’s interest. If you are interested in learning something in particular just ask. If you want to discover our classes.

1500 / night
1 day
Total cost INR 1500 (inc. GST)

The motto, on our spiritual path in the Ashram, is to find the “SELF”, you have to lose yourself in the service of others. As such, we emphasize the importance of KARMA YOGA.