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Our Story

Nurturing the attitude of gratitude

Originally when I came to Shankar Prasad, I realized that Shankar Prasad is a gift from lord Shiva. I had this feeling that I have to look after it. I felt like a caretaker. Everyone who walks into the gate, comes for a special purpose either to give or receive. WE ARE NOW OPEN AND YOU CAN VISIT US.

Before coming to Shankar Prasad, I wanted to retire in a beautiful place and continue my Sadhana. When I reached Shankar Prasad I thought that this place can be a retirement place for many other Sadhu and Sannyasi like me. After reaching here, the local community is in need of a school and they approached me to help kids learn English, so we started school. It developed successfully. Though the classes were slow to start at first. Then we developed Yoga classes, Organic Farm, Animal Care Center and then it slowly turned into a beautiful Ashram. I want to live my Guru’s teaching - Love Serve Give. We can give something for the local community- alive, fresh, local and real and that's what doing.
Traditionally ashram is a place where you can work on yourself and work on the community. Shankar Prasad Ashram is a place where people can come and break from your daily lives, refresh, recharge and go with more fulfillment, more clarity and more connection with the higher consciousness. It's a place where you can experience organic agriculture, learn yoga and meditation from Tantras of Satyananda Bihar Yoga Tradition. It's a place where you can come and volunteer in community projects and in ashram running.